Naming Conventions

The following provides insight into the naming conventions behind SaveTokens

SaveToken Names

The SaveToken protocol makes it easy to create a SaveToken that wraps any interest-bearing asset token with any insurance token by depositing any given underlying token (e.g., DAI, USDC, USDT, etc).

The SaveToken protocol is meant to be as flexible as possible. Naming conventions are meant to highlight the different variations of SaveTokens including their asset and insurance token pairings as well as the insurance coverage expiration dates.

The convention is as follows:

{ SaveUnderlyingToken }{ Asset Token Protocol }{ Insurance Token Protocol }_ { Coverage Expiration Date }

In the example SaveDAI SaveToken below:

  • DAI is the underlying token deposited to mint SaveDAI

  • Aave is the asset token protocol used to obtain the interest-bearing aDAI asset

  • Cover is the insurance token protocol used to obtain CLAIM tokens and protect the underlying aDAI asset

  • The coverage from the CLAIM tokens expires on September 1st, 2022.

SaveToken Symbols

Similarly, the convention used for SaveToken symbols is as follows:

{ SaveUnderlyingToken }_{ Coverage Expiration Date }

In the example SaveDAI SaveToken:

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